Welcome to "the must be 5 feeling".

Enjoy a daily dose of Smooth Jazz served with a Twist of Soul, a Splash of Jazzy Funk and a dash of African Fusion.


Mustbe5 Radio Schedule (E.S.T.)

Wednesday Evening

An Evening with the works of a Jazz Artiste 6pm (Coming Soon)

Friday Evening

Smooth Jazz on the Rocks 5pm  to 10pm


Smooth Jazz cocktail 9am to 12pm

Safari Blend 12pm - 3pm  

Throwback Funky Cocktail 3pm - 8pm

Smooth Jazz cocktail 8pm - 10pm

*Schedule is subject to change"


Tropical Blend 9am - 12 noon

Stirred not shaken (Smooth Vocals)

Classic Rock Fizz 8pm - 10pm 

10pm – Midnight Smooth Jazz cocktail

Monday - Friday

Smooth Jazz Cocktails (All day)