Welcome to Mustbe5 Radio (Music Station)

"the absolute… it must be 5 o’clock somewhere feeling".

Smooth Jazz Cocktails served with a Twist of Soul, a Splash of Jazzy Funk, a dash of African Fusion...oh and now with a drop of a Tropical Blend.


Your Mustbe5radio Mixologists:

| Mr. Smooth | Mr. Magic | DJ Empire | Mr. Cool

| Mr. Jazz | Mr. Beatz | Mr. Legend | DJ Jazzy Kendal |

Mustbe5 Radio Schedule (E.S.T.)


Smooth Jazz Cocktail (Morning)

It Mustbe5 Somewhere 12pm - 5pm

Mustbe5 Feelin’ (T.G.I.F) 5pm - 10pm

Smooth Jazz Cocktail (all nite)

Saturday - Ultimate Weekend Jam

Lovers Rock (Reggae) 9am to 12pm

Safari Blend (AfroBeat ) 12pm - 3pm  

Throwback Funky Cocktail (Old School Jam) 3pm - 7pm

DJ Empire 7pm - 10:00pm

*Schedule is subject to changes "


Tropical Blend (Lovers Rock) 9am - 12 noon

Safari Blend (Afro Beat) 12 noon - 3pm

Ultimate Weekend Jam 3pm - 6pm

Smooth Jazz Cocktail 6pm - 8pm

Love Zone 8pm - 10pm

Late Night Cocktails 10pm - 8am

Monday - Friday

Smooth Jazz Cocktails (Morning)

It Mustbe5 Somewhere 12 noon - 10pm

 Late Night Cocktails (all nite)

A lot more music and whole lot less talk…

(Wednesday Evening An Evening with the works of a Jazz Artiste 6pm Coming Soon)